LETS - Learn, Evaluate & Teach System

The world renowed Moodle-based Learning Management System for Pakistani Educational Instituions.

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Welcome to LETS

For Universities, Coaching Centres, IT Instituions, ACCA Instituions, English Language Centres & Aptitude Test Centres


Facilitate your students with your authentic course content to help them learn effectively.


Practice online exams and assignments in one place, let students do it anytime.


Facilite your teachers to organise teaching material for students, let them teach beyond boundaries.

About LETS

Learn, Evaluate & Teach System (LETS) is a learning management system based on world famous Moodle platform. It helps educators create online learning material with a focus on interaction and collaborative learning. It enhances existing classroom based teaching by providing 24/7 access to learning material, lectures, assignments and exams. You can customise the system based on your institution policies and guidelines to match your needs.

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Top 10 Reasons!

  1. Want to organise all learning material in your campus?
  2. Want to track student learning?
  3. Want to provide them access to lecture notes?
  4. Want to provide them test and practice questions?
  5. Want to manage all of their assignments online?
  6. Want to provide reference material such as books and videos?
  7. Want to interact with their parents for their progress?
  8. Want to facilitate your students better than other institutions?
  9. Want to facilitate better learning for your weak students?
  10. Want to reach students who can’t reach your campus?

247 Training Services

NASFIA's Educational Services under 247 Training!

247 Training is the trademark of NASFIA (PVT.) LTD. which provides services to educational sector in Pakistan. We also provide services to develop educational content based on our client's need. LETS - Learn, Evaluate & Teach system is developed based on Moodle Platform, customised and alligned with the needs of our customers.

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Email: support@nasfia.com.pk Phone: 021 - 323 612 58